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Individuals - Relationships - Parent & Family

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Coach William Joseph, B.S, B.C.C.

Lead Coach, Mediator

I'm passionate about helping people through coaching, fitness, and wellness. I’ve received several degrees and certificates and am constantly working to improve. Helping people to be the best version of themselves is my passion. I’m a single father to my wonderful son, Rylan and work incredibly hard, so that when I am blessed to spend time with him, I can be present. Though my focus has moved from fitness to coaching, I am still athletic. In my free time, I train for triathlons, fly drones, go boating and spend a lot of time on and in the water. I also enjoy kite boarding when weather permits. I find that flying drones and staying fit helps give me a different perspective on life and the daily nuances it brings. There are always lessons to be learned so I can better myself and find ways to create a better life for those around me.


Bachelor of Science Health and Wellness, (Brigham Young University), 1998

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, (Brigham Young University), 1998

Memberships & Certifications

Emotional Intelligence Certified (Lindsey Capp Coaching), 2022

Certified Parenting Coach (Jai Institute), 2022

Fatherhood Program Facilitator (National Fatherhood Initiative), 2020

Board Certified Relationship Coach with Emphasis on Couples, Parent and Family Relationships (Coaching Institute), 2020

Member (International Coaching Federation), 2016

Board Certified Life Coach (Robbins-Madanes CORE 100), 2016

Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach (Integrative Wellness Academy), 2009

Master Fitness Coach (Fitness International), 1998

Coach William Joseph, B.S, B.C.C.

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