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​Starting originally as a non-profit fitness company in the year 1996, we started with 6 individuals and eventually grew to a few hundred people cleaning the beach and doing squats, lunges, and other exercises from Temple Beach to Malaekahana, Hawaii. At one event, we had as many as 240 attendees participating at one time. After we moved back to New Mexico in 1998, we stepped away from the business, closing the doors for what at the time we thought might be permanent. However, after realizing there was still a need for our services even in the new location, we reopened the doors in 2000 prioritizing residential fitness programming and corporate wellness. We were holding our classes on the local golf courses using the same model as Hawaii. We worked with many companies, including some Fortune 500 members. Over time, we slowly shifted away from prioritizing fitness to looking at the bigger picture. This has brought us to now, where we’re prioritizing not just the physical needs of our clients, but also the spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Working together with our clients to improve their individual and family relationships to improve their life overall.


Coach William Joseph, B.S, B.C.C.

Coach William Joseph, B.S, B.C.C.

Owner, Lead Coach

Board Certified Life, Relationship & Parenting Coach

Teresa James, B.A.

Teresa James, B.A.

Office/Business Manager

Manager, Educator


Coach William Joseph, LLC

Individuals - Relationship - Parent & Family

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