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Testimonial - Joni Anderson

By Joni Anderson, Transcribed by Teresa James

Hi, I want to talk about Coach William. I've actually known William for many years. We were partners in business somewhat, or connected through business and he was my personal fitness trainer. He always did a very good job of being a fitness coach. Years down the line, I had heard through the grapevine that William had become a life coach, a relationship coach and I thought that that was very appropriate since we've gone through some of the same life challenges over the years  and while I very much let it affect me in my life and and how I pursued my endeavors, he didn't seem to to do the same thing. He always seemed to come out kind of on top and stay very positive and then finally I realized I needed a relationship coach so I reached out.

The first question that William asked me was, "If I gave you a million-dollar client...gave you,...would you accept it?" Well of course, who wouldn't accept a million-dollar client, right? and he said, "Great. If I gave you a million dollars and all you had to do was leave your family behind, would you take that million dollars?" Well, obviously the answer is no. Through some very effective work and counseling, I was able to realize that I needed to prioritize things better and keep my family first. Coach William, worth every single second of your time.

Thank you, Coach.

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